Weather Stories


As inviting as rivers look on a hot Summer day, they carry hidden dangers. The currents in them are swift and can carry a swimmer quickly downstream into rocks and vegetation within the river channel. Water temperatures are cold enough to lower body temperatures to unsafe levels and can render a swimmer unconscious. Don't let a river claim you as Its next drowning victim!

The combination of hot temperatures and extremely dry fuels bring an elevated threat of fire ignitions in the foothills and higher terrain where there is plentiful vegetation to burn. Dry lightning can heighten the fire danger and gusty winds can fan the flames into a rapidly spreading wildfire. This is the time of year to be fire wary and prepared before a wildfire threatens your home and safety.

Isolated thunderstorms will pop up near the Sierra crest during the afternoon hours each day through Tuesday. In addition to dangerous cloud to ground lightning, a few thunderstorms may bring small hail, briefly heavy rain and strong, gusty winds. Hikers in the high country of the Sierra should keep a watchful eye on the sky each afternoon and be prepared to seek shelter if they hear thunder.

Temperatures in the Southern San Joaquin Valley will be above average for the beginning and end of the upcoming week.