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About the Weather Station

This website uses data from a personal weather station (PWS) located in the Park Place residential neighborhood, in the city of Exeter, California. The station is privately owned and operated. It is not affiliated with the City of Exeter in any way, and it also should not be considered an official weather station for the National Weather Service or any other agency.

The nearest official weather station is located at the Visalia Municipal Airport (KVIS). Several nearby METAR reports are showcased on the home page of this website for comparison with this PWS. Raw data for KVIS are available here. The KVIS station updates online 1-3 times per hour. In comparison, this PWS data are uploaded online every 5 seconds.

A weather station has been in continuous operation at this Exeter location since July 1 2017. The weather station hardware is the Davis Vantage Vue.

The Vantage Vue is a compact solar-powered weather station comprised of a thermo-hygro sensor housed inside a passive radiation shield, an anemometer, a wind vane, and a rain gauge. Every 2.5 seconds the station wirelessly transmits current temperature, humidity, wind, and rain data to an indoor console, about 60 feet away. The indoor console has a wired USB connection to a desktop computer running Microsoft Windows 10.

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About the Weather Data

All raw station data are processed and values calculated for barometric pressure, dew point, heat index, wind chill and numerous other parameters with Weather Display weather station software, which then uploads the data via a dedicated FTP connection to this website. This website is updated approximately every 5 seconds by Weather Display.

Weather Display is also used to upload data from this station to the Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP), PWS Weather and Weather Underground. The data upload frequency to these sites varies between 5 seconds to 10 minutes.

CWOP in particular is instrumental in sharing PWS data with the rest of the world. CWOP servers continuously transmit PWS data to FINDU, a database for archiving weather, geographic location, telemetry, and message data. At 15-minute intervals, NOAA automatically fetches the latest PWS data from FINDU and ingests it into the MADIS database where all data are quality controlled for accuracy and spatial consistency, and then merged with data from over 25,000 Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS) locations.

MADIS data are disseminated to other NOAA agencies, including National Weather Service offices throughout the United States, which use the data for weather forecasting. Many academic, science, and government organizations around the world use MADIS data for education and research purposes.

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About this Website

Besides my own personal enjoyment of creating and maintaining it, this website was made for the benefit of the residents of Exeter, California and surrounding areas. This website is designed to provide users with quick and easy access to real-time weather information primarily for the Exeter area, but also for the southeastern San Joaquin Valley and nearby Tulare County foothills and mountains.

Here is some technical information about this website, if you happen to be into that sort of thing. This website is based on an original design by CarterLake.org. Thanks to both Kevin Reed at his TNET Weather website and Ken True at his Saratoga Weather website, these two spent a tremendous amount of time further enhancing the Carter Lake template and PHP scripts. Ken has made available a complete PHP/AJAX based weather website template which includes, among other things, the current conditions dashboard as shown on the home page of this website. In addition, Ken generously shares many of his other scripts with the world, some which are used on this website, such as the dropdown menu, METAR reports, earthquake activity, mesonet maps, and various other script-based content. Without all their hard work and willingness to share, this website would not be nearly so nice to look at!

If you want to see how much this weather station website project has evolved over the years, take a peek at how it looked way back in April 2003, when I first set it up! This website was previously known as Orchard Ridge Weather, when the weather station was located in a residential area of Porterville, California. This is how the website looked back then. In June 2017 we moved to Exeter, California where the weather station was setup and this website was renamed to Park Place Weather.

About Exeter, California

Incorporated in the year 1911, the city of Exeter presently has a population of approximtely 10,500. Exeter is located in the Tulare County portion of Central California. It is situated in the eastern portion of the San Joaquin Valley, an agriculturally-rich region full of commercial citrus, peach, olive, grape, and numerous other orchards. At an elevation of 390 feet above sea level, the city is situated against the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Exeter is located along State Highway 65. The city is approximately 180 miles north of Los Angeles and 150 miles east of the Pacific Ocean coast.

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